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Sweepr believes that there should never be a “one size fits all” policy when it comes to helping people through technical challenges or questions.

8 Learning Styles

Everybody learns differently, in fact there are different ways in which people are thought to learn.

When delivering content to help a homeowner through a problem we need to reflect on the person, the problem and the interface over which they are interacting ( Alexa, Smartphone, Web, etc).

Of course maintaining this level of personalization requires a content management server that is tailored to meet the needs of serving the right support content to each individual and the problem they are experiencing.

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Sweepr offers a fully managed service to create / curate and manage support content. Our expert creative team will carry out a full audit of your support content and its distribution mechanisms. This ensures you have the most effective and tailored support content possible to ensure we solve problems the first time for each customer.

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