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Setting the tone

Helping your customers at the most influential time will set the tone of your relationship throughout the customer lifecycle.

Any acquisition by a new customer is often filled with excitement to begin using it. At the very same time, new customers feel anxious and vulnerable about not receiving the value for their outlay – and when people feel anxious, it is human nature to expect the best possible support from the company from which they purchased. Anxious customers who are overlooked in these sensitive early days can quickly become dissatisfied and this dissatisfaction can reduce their trust in the company, permanently affecting any long term customer relationships.

First impressions

We all agree that first impressions are so important but what we sometimes overlook is that a customer’s ‘first’ impression actually happens twice.

Extensive effort is made in creating positive brand impact when marketing and selling to potential new customers. As they form a view of what it would be like to be your customer they are considering a multitude of factors, one significant consideration will be the customer services they will have access to. Once a prospective client becomes a customer, they will compare their impression during the time in which you were courting them to the reality of getting set up with you.

True impact

Sweepr’s First 30 Day Journey is on-hand to help them at every step of this process and uses the opportunity to set the tone of your relationship with them from that point forward. 

We have listened to service providers who frequently tell us that it is within the first 30 days that the majority of technical and account based queries will arise, for the customer. An onboarding customer on average will seek support between 6-12 times in the first 30 days of their relationship with you. It is also at this point in time that they are most likely to require expert technical support from your organisation.

Transform & Solve

Our research has shown that the way in which your customer engages with you in the first 30 days is likely to be their engagement pattern going forward with you. It is crucial that your customer feels valued and supported at each and every point of their initial period with you. Done well, this is an opportune moment to create positive engagement between your customer and your automated digital channels.

Sweepr’s 7 Principles of Personalisation will be applied to every interaction with your customer from the start. The principles are applied to interactions in such a way that your customers have a sense of a humanised interaction in a digital experience. My First 30 Days is made up of a full set of Use Cases that may be triggered as questions unique to the needs of a new customer are asked, as well as an event or time triggered messages sent proactively to them.

Underutilisation is a victim of
an incomplete set up

On average customers utilise less than 60% of the total products and services you have made available to them. Although at first you may assume that this will change over time, research shows that educating customers at the very start of their relationship with you has the most impact on how they will use your product going forward.

Cleverly timed questions, for example as if the customer’s children will be using the Broadband or the home working/education patterns of those in the household, can inform how to educate your customer about the features of your services that are most relevant to them.

The Sweepr Customer Knowledge Toolkit will inform the Sweepr RTIM to trigger well-timed messages to your customer asking if they would like assistance in setting up Parental Controls, or if they would like to optimise the strength of the Broadband in their home office.

Such engagement adds value and goes above and beyond what your customer expects. It also provides you with the insights you need to transform your relationships with your customers.

Continuous learning​

This stage in your relationship with your customer is when you can learn the most about them. Sweepr’s First 30 Days is cleverly designed to proactively address all of your customers’ set up needs whilst understanding how they plan to use your products and services. This information will be shared via the Customer Knowledge Toolkit so that you can build richer insight into your customers preference and needs, from the start.

Whilst the journey will enable you to ask your customer insightful questions we are also always learning through observation. Principles such as Digital Enthusiasm, Aptitude or Customer Circumstance can be observed by the way that they engage with each interaction.

Using the Sweepr Journey Optimiser you will be able to analyse the success of the First 30 Day Journey for various subsets of your customers, in turn these learnings can be applied to other interactions you may wish to author thereby Creating the opportunity for continuous improvement.

Simple integration and easy deployment

We have designed Sweepr Journeys for rapid deployment with light weight integration in mind. Regardless of the Journey selected the Sweepr Experience Centre can be used to layer over your brand guidelines, tweak terminology that is specific to your business and insert interactions to accompany those we have designed to create consistent and dazzling customer experience.

Integration relevant points will vary from Journey to Journey but typically would include an integration to your CRM, ACS, Customer Management Program or Billing Presentment Layer.

By delivering constant applicable messaging to the customer and actively solving problems, you will develop a trusting relationship between you and your customers. They will engage with you more often, you will learn more about them and so the virtuous cycle of value begins.

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