Product Overview

The Sweepr platform has been built to provide autonomous care capabilities for the Connected home, this should provide a sustainable and Homeowner Interaction focused support model for the connected home now and into the future.

It consists of Agent components deployed in the home to gather context and support Homeowner interactions, a Cloud based engine to support processing and resolution of technical issues, and tooling to support enhanced customer care and the continuous improvement of technical support processes.

Sweepr employs a suite of best in class technologies to provide high quality user experience and interactivity, learning and analytics of issue resolutions and user Utterances and Intent, and tooling to enable reporting and improvement of platform effectiveness.

Our Home Agent

The Sweepr Home Agent consists of both an SDK and Embedded Agent.


The Sweepr SDK is a Framework to drive all user interactions around the connected home. It provides a layer for app’s and voice and message skills to build Multi modal user interactions, mainly around voice, messaging and Smartphone applications.

Embedded Agent

The Sweepr Embedded Agent is a Software module that sits in the connected home, it gathers home context and drives autonomous fixes. The Agent posts real time streaming updates of connected home status to the Sweepr Cloud and Sweepr SDK for issue reporting, diagnostics and remediation.

Our Resolution Engine

The Sweepr Resolution Engine is the core engine of the Sweepr platform, it takes on issues reported by the homeowner, gathers the broader issue context and maps this issue to a Resolution, a series of steps to resolve the issue.

The Resolution may drive further user interactions to gather more diagnostic data, may execute a series of changes in the connected home or simply provide helpful content to educate the user and help them fix their issue.

Feedback drives the learned data set, ensuring the platform is continuously improving its handling of customer issues.


Tooling is essential to the success of the Sweepr platform goals, our tools are built to support a sustainable support model for the connected home, they provide enhanced customer care, semantic context aware content and analytics to drive continuous improvement.

Customer Care Tooling

The Platform ships with a Customer care tool to give the Agent a view of the detailed context of the Users home.

Semantic Content Management

The platform tooling also supports the management and continuous improvement of how issues are handled by Sweepr. This includes the creation and management of Resolution steps, Intent Rules linking issue context to Resolutions, Content to assist and educate the homeowner and reporting and analytics on Issues and Resolutions.

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