Why Choose Us

Contextually Adaptive means truly Personalised

While the notion of personalised experiences may not be entirely new, the application of this strategy varies greatly. Sweepr’s power lies in the insight, research-led and contextually adaptive guidelines to effectively optimise the user experience. With this in mind we have developed 7 unique Principles of Personalisation. Sweepr is the only platform that can embed true personalised experiences throughout your customers’ engagements – creating a humanised feel throughout an automated Journey.

Sweepr empowers you to create digital journeys that go beyond and exceed your customers’ expectations. The longer they engage, the more individualised the digital conversation becomes, we earn license to get to know them better, notice when they are dissatisfied and increase their loyalty.

It all starts with solve

We empower you to enhance your customer interactions which totally transform relationships. The way in which you engage with consumers, once they are your customers is imperative to long term relationship success. Sweepr has identified five possible outcomes that are achieved when constructive conversational moments happen in your customer’s lifecycle, ultimately driving brand advocacy.

Our comprehensive offering allows for a more in-depth ability to solve all your customers issues. As we engage, we gather aptitude and attitude which feeds our RTIM and allows for truly personalised relationships, all done across one platform.

Sweepr is the worlds most comprehensive customer relationship platform.

Experience Centre

Explore tools such as Experience Builder and RTIM to author, edit, deploy, and optimise automated Journeys.

Customer Insights

Making sense of the explosion of data at your fingertips, with the tools that can interpret those results to better discover what your customers want.

Sweepr Journeys

End-to-end Customer Journeys to assist you and your customers throughout every stage of their relationship with you.

Our Origin

At the helm of Sweepr are Alan Coleman and Jim Hannon. Having founded their first telecoms billing business, Brite:Bill in 2009, the stage was set for what would inevitably bring Sweepr to life in 2019. The impact of personalisation on transforming relationships between businesses and their customers was knowledge and expertise that they believed had a far wider reach. Their experience gave them crucial insights into an adjacent problem: businesses experience pain when engaging and supporting their customers with their products and services.

Their goal was to assist business to achieve increased engagement in digital care, enabling them to learn more about their customers so as to use those learnings to continuously improve and evolve their offering to transform their customer relationships, which creates brand advocacy and loyalty among their base.

The modern smart home support challenge, combined with the economics of call centre support, the repetitive nature of the queries raised, and the rate of connectivity in our homes, prompted Alan and Jim to seek a better solution for CX.

And so Sweepr was born.