Delightfully simple care within the connected home

Our homes are becoming more connected with every year.

The average home is predicted to have 50 connected devices by 2020. With more connectivity comes increased complexity. The average homeowner will need more support to manage their home and it can’t be all via call centers.

Sweepr monitors and maintains all connected devices automatically.

Sweepr acts as the technical concierge for the home looking after seen and unseen incidents on behalf of the homeowner.

Sweepr is always available to help with any questions.

Sweepr maintains an up to date store of all device related content to help homeowners with any questions they might have about how a device works or whether it is in warranty etc..

Our Product

Sweepr provides fully automated technical support for the connected home. Sweepr understands the status of all connected devices in the home and uses this information combined with voice based interaction to help the homeowner through any problems they may be having.

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Creative Support

What you say and how you say it is often the difference between a good support moment and a bad one. At Sweepr we specialise in creating support content that is just right for each person and each problem. See how we do it.

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There is a gap in market for a platform to provide contextual, autonomous help to homeowners. Currently there are no alternatives to a ‘call-centre’ first strategy. This is an expensive approach for IOT developers who are trying to build an audience for their connected devices while carefully managing operational costs. We have built a fully integrated platform that allows developers to build and deploy ‘resolutions’ that drive autonomous healing, enhanced self-care and ‘contextual’ ticket handling.

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