At Sweepr, our purpose is to transform your relationship with your customers, digitally.

Sweepr is the most versatile and scalable white-label solution for your business’ digital customer engagement needs.

Sweepr’s unique 7 Principles of Personalisation sit at the very heart of everything we do, creating the benefits of human touch within a digitally automated connection.

Whether deploying Sweepr’s Pre-defined Journeys, using our Experience Centre to create your own, or learning from our Customer Insights module, we know that Adaptive Personalisation must sit at the heart of your customer first strategy.

Partnering with Sweepr supports lasting, profitable connections between you and your customers that fuel a virtuous cycle of value creation for all.


Tackling 80% of all customer queries. Designed and ready for you to deploy.

Principles of Personalisation

Guiding three robust products towards five key business outcomes.


Transforming your customer’s interactions in the pursuit of critical business outcomes.

Our Products

Sweepr’s products deliver a virtuous cycle of value creation for all.
All of the components for your customers’ digital engagement needs, in one place.

Sweepr’s suite of products enables you to continuously observe, learn, and apply Customer Insights gathered during Pre-defined Journeys or interactions you have created via our Experience Centre to provide a true competitive advantage.

Experience Centre

Explore tools such as Experience Builder and RTIM to author, edit, deploy and optimise automated Journeys.

Customer Insights

Making sense of the explosion of data at your fingertips, with the tools that can interpret those results to better discover what your customers want.

Sweepr Journeys

End to end Customer Journeys to assist you and your customers throughout every stage of their relationship with you.

Blog & Latest News

Here you can find our latest updates and blogs from the Sweepr team.