Use Cases

The Sweepr platform enables organisations to build engaging digital journeys and interactions that help customers solve less complex issues. Below are a few of the more common issues tackled by call centre agents. By moving these journeys into digital channels using the Sweepr platform, customer issues are resolved more quickly and call centre agents are able to prioritise more complex issues.


“I don’t understand these charges on my bill”

“ Sorry to hear that. I can see you are rolling off a promotional rate we gave you for 6 months – this bill is slightly higher to reflect the normal rate you agreed on joining. I hope that helps.”

A common area that drives customer questions is in the area of billing. Asking for money can be difficult at the best of times, but add to the mix complicated charging models and legacy billing systems, you have a recipe for confusion. Sweepr, can leverage our sophisticated personalisation models and deep sectoral knowledge to bring answers quickly and clearly to address topics like pro-ration, first bill, promo roll off etc.

Customer Set Up

“When will my new router arrive?”

“ I can see from our systems that your new router will be with you tomorrow between 12pm and 2pm. Let me know if you need me to reschedule that.”

As customers join a new provider, there can be a bewildering amount of information they need to consume. This is a precarious time, as if this process fails, it is the most likely period when a customer will leave. Building a process that is individualised, proactive and reactive is crucial to giving the customer a sense of confidence that they have made a good choice.

Broadband Health & Connectivity

“My WiFi is so slow!”

“Sorry you are having some difficulty. Let me run some tests and we will figure out how to
fix this for you.”

Connectivity is now a “human right” and when customers don’t have it they will not tolerate it for very long before they become a churn risk. Sweepr was founded with this particular use case in mind. Sweepr accumulates the relevant diagnostic data, knowledge of the customer and issue in order to offer an immediate resolution. This can be one of up to 30 different root causes.

Understanding my Package

“Do I get the sports channels?”

“Hi there! On your current plan unfortunately you don’t get the sports channels, but I can add that option to your plan if you would like?
Should I add them?”

This use case seems mundane, but as the offerings and plans become more complex, customers are often confused by what they have actually purchased or are entitled to from their Service Providers. Sweepr uses our core personalisation model to breakdown an explanation to address any questions that might arise. This is an opportunity to educate and upsell.

Account Management

“I would like to change my address”

“That is not a problem, just give me your new address and I will get that set up for you immediately.”

A key driver of customer calls to care are those related to Account Management. There are normally straight forward processes that need to be done, and as such, are great candidates for digitisation. With Sweepr,
Service Providers could see up to 90% digital containment.