Use Cases

At Sweepr, we understand that every interaction between your brand and your customers is an opportunity to build trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. That’s why our digital care platform is designed to support and enhance the consumer journey from start to finish. Discover how we help at every stage.

& Initial Set Up

"Find the best package for me"

Seamless Introduction

Make first impressions count with context-aware, personalised guides, ensuring a smooth start.

Instant Support

Address initial queries with context-aware digital assistance, reducing friction and fostering confidence.

Usage & Engagement

"Help me install my router"

Daily Interactions

Enhance daily use with personalized tips and tricks tailored to each user’s environtment and preferences.

Proactive Care

Identify and solve potential issues before they impact the user, thanks to predictive analytics, realtime and scheduled events

& Support

"My Netflix keeps buffering"

Self-Service Solutions

Empower users to solve problems with AI-driven, personalized support, reducing the need for direct contact.

Effortless Resolution

When users need to reach out, ensure they’re met with solutions that recognize their history and needs.

Upgrades & Expansion

"Can I upgrade my package?"

Tailored Recommendations

Propose relevant upgrades or additional products based on the user’s support history, behaviours and environment.

Smooth Transition

Support users through changes with customized guides and direct digital assistance.

Renewal & Retention

"I have found a cheaper package"

Valued Relationships

Encourage renewals with reminders and offers that reflect the user’s journey and value to your brand.

Continuous Engagement

Keep the conversation going with updates, insights, and tips that keep users engaged and satisfied.