The Sweepr Platform

Sweepr simplifies your self-care tech stack. Our no/low-code solution enables all of your data to be consumed  and seamlessly turned into proactive and predictive insights to create immense value for your consumers.

How it works


Empower Business Owners with Sweepr’s intuitive, no/low-code platform. Effortlessly create, optimize and deploy rich, complex self-care solutions without developer input.

Write Once –
Publish Many

Full omnichannel support creates the ultimate convenience for customers, who can self-care 24/7 via the channel most convenient to them. Seamless delivery of channel-specific content provides consistent quality of care across diverse platforms.


Customer Intent sits at the heart of Sweepr’s digital care model. We intelligently guide users through personalized self-care, utilizing multi-level decisioning for swift, efficient problem resolution; increasing content re-use and optimized digitization of your workflows.


Sweepr crafts uniquely personalized interactions, blending context, history, and behavior for impactful digital care experiences that drive engagement and satisfaction.


Deep analytics are at Sweepr’s core, offering insightful, actionable data, guiding creators to continuously refine digital interactions for maximum engagement.


Sweepr enhances your digital transition process with robust self-governance tools, enabling comprehensive stakeholder governance around thresholds, decisioning and content powered by resolution-focused analytics.

Generative AI

Harness the scalable power of Generative AI with Sweepr. Serve customers with uniquely personalized and impactful experiences while accelerating your digital transition by blending state-of-the-art LLMs with a local knowledge base.