GenAI The Right Way

Stephane Muszynski addresses how to solve reoccuring challenges when using AI for digital care.

Sweepr’s Best of Breed CX + AI

Generative AI has been a disruptive force, going from scientists fantasy to credible reality, leaving every industry asking "what is the impact of this advancement in technology?"

Patent Granted

Sweepr is granted patent for Revolutionary Digital Support System for Connected Products.

Build vs. Buy

“Our IT organization will build this for us” At Sweepr we hear this, or something that sounds like this, a lot. As a matter of fact, it is almost formally a part of our sales cycle.

Sweepr’s role in the Care ecosystem

"Throughout my career, I have witnessed all sorts of attempts to lighten the load on call centers through various ways of optimizing or automating the care process. Even when they are set on “solving to sell”, call centers remain cost centers."

Sweepr 2.0

Hear from Sweepr's Co-Founder and CTO, Jim Hannon, about exciting new product features and platform capabilities.