Sustainable support

CodeYourFuture (CYF) is a groundbreaking coding school aimed at training refugees and other disadvantaged individuals to become highly skilled and marketable web developers. Fuelled by a passionate belief in the power of digital technology, their expertise are helping people change their lives by learning to code.

CYF equips people with the tools needed to thrive in the tech industry, building lasting, profitable careers. Expert volunteer developers train students in full stack web development with a strong emphasis on collaboration. Graduates of the programme have gone on to work at places such as the Financial Times, BBC, STV, and Ticketmaster, as well as exciting start-ups like Adzuna, Sensible Object, and WeGotPop. To help them in their mission, CYF partner with experts and organisations from around the tech industry. And Sweepr is proud to be one of those partners as we provide funding, skills, and marketing assistance to bolster their profile.

We’re closing the digital divide

At Sweepr, we’re tech fanatics, because technology will forever continue to change and define how we live. Revolution after revolution, it continues to make our lives easier, faster, and more fun. However, in a world where digital skills have become so important, it is crucial to ensure that the most vulnerable in society are not excluded from access, training, and careers. Our partnership with Code Your Future helps to reduce the barriers to getting online: improving skills and confidence to create digital equality. We are delighted to support this project and use our expertise to help people build a better future.

We share a vision

Ours is a partnership built on a shared passion for technology and vision for the future. These are the values which underpin everything CYF undertakes, and these are the values that chime perfectly with our vision here at Sweepr. Our uniquely personalised relationship with clients allows us to go above and beyond. We’re passionate about making technology, the connected home, and the digital world accessible to everyone. 

How we help

The heartbeat of our success comes from our developers who drive innovation. We’re perfectly placed to donate and upskill, using our talent to help people thrive in the digital marketplace. The world of business stands on the brink of something special. Technology is changing everything and whether it will be for the better, or for the worse, depends entirely on us. With Sweepr’s unique view of the future of the technological sphere –coupled with Code Your Future’ s support for their students – we can create a world whereby education, careers, and use of the technology can be enjoyed by all. To find out more about the campaign and how you can help visit CodeYourFuture’s websiteHere’s how we’ll be helping in 2021.


It takes cash to train students for free. We’ve donated funds to help them provide this vital service.


Volunteers from Sweepr and our wider network can use their expertise to help. We’re educating our team about the fantastic work CYF does and encouraging them to donate their time, passion, and skills to help.

Spreading the word

We’ve drawn up a comprehensive marketing campaign to drive awareness about the initiative. The more people know about it, the bigger it will get and the more people will benefit.