How Does Personalisation Impact
the Digital Care Experience?

Experts in Customer Experience, Behavioural Science and Personalisation explore the Why, the What and the How of reaching the next level of digital customer care in this fascinating webinar.

Improving customer experience on digital care channels is imperative for many Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers, but why is that and how should it be approached?

Consumers have higher expectations of digital customer care, based on their experiences with other industries, such as mobility as a service, retail and hospitality. Companies in these verticals use implicit and explicit customer data to personalise their experiences and deliver relevant, timely suggestions and services – and those customers welcome and expect it.

Unfortunately, digital customer care in Telecommunications has traditionally had a poor reputation amongst consumers for an inability to solve queries and a one-size-fits-all approach to script and problem-solving. This drives consumers to call human call centre agents, even though 80% of the issues could be solved through digital channels if done right – and call centre agents could focus on servicing more complex queries and and tasks of a higher strategic value.

What impact does personalisation have on engagement in digital care channels and how can Telecoms and ISP organisations reach the next stage of customer experience?

We gathered experts in behavioural science, personalisation and customer experience to explore:

  • The importance of personalisation to organisations’ digital strategies, as well as to customers.
  • The impact of personalisation on the User Experience.
  • What the future looks like for personalisation in customer servicing.
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The Experts

Dr Joe Gladstone, Behavioural Scientist, University of Colorado
Dr Joe Gladstone
Behavioural Scientist
University of Colorado

Dr Joe Gladstone is a behavioural scientist and Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr Gladstone’s research focuses on the use of personalized nudges, based on predictions about people’s personalities he derives from bank transaction data.

Joe was named by Forbes magazine on their 30 Under 30 list in Finance, his research has been published in many of the world’s top academic journals, and he is a regular guest on the BBC and other news outlets discussing topics related to consumer behaviour. Dr Gladstone completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge and was the Fox Fellow at Yale University.

Alan Coleman, CEO and Co-Founder, Sweepr
Alan Coleman
CEO and Co-Founder

Alan Coleman is co-founder and CEO of Sweepr, a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that enables ISPs and Telecom Service Providers to deliver hyperpersonalised customer care through digital channels. It integrates with other data sources in the ecosystem, whilst also observing key customer context and behaviours during care interactions, to dynamically orchestrate and apply decisioning logic to customer interactions via its Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM). 

Sweepr continues Alan’s journey of reinventing customer experiences that began with Brite:Bill – acquired by Amdocs – where he transformed communications provider billing, dramatically reducing associated operational costs while increasing customer satisfaction. At its time of acquisition Brite:Bill was powering more than 200 million bills per month. 

Alan has held previous roles with Accenture, Macalla Software and Morgan Stanley.

Steven Hesse, Senior Product Designer, Sweepr
Steven Hesse
Senior Product Designer

Steven is a Senior Product Designer at Sweepr, a Digital Experience Platform that brings hyperpersonalisation to the Customer Experience.

Currently leading the mobile Customer Experience at Sweepr, Steven has been involved in UX Design and Research since the early 2000s and is particularly interested in the way device-centred experiences are used to enhance interaction with physical products.
Steven has lead UX in a wide range of industries including Digital Health, Marketing SaaS and eCommerce