Optimize your Call Center Resources

Written by: Stephane

Published: September 16, 2022

Call Center leaders are constantly trying to optimize their business: less calls, shorter calls, skill routing, organizing agents by tiers to leverage their competencies and knowledge in the best way possible… This is why they have Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs); they are attempting to triage the requests upstream in the process to get customers talking to the right resources. IVRs deal with some preliminary questions that the agent does not, in theory, need to ask again. 

The target is to have
80% First Call Resolution

In today’s call center landscape, the target is to have 80% First Call Resolution (FCR). These are the calls that should be ‘digitizable’. With the right platform for digital customer care, you will be able to create the workflows to support the resolutions to any of these issues and have the underlying intelligence to do dynamic decisioning and identify the best resolution in any given situation. The remaining 20% can call the call center and talk to agents to handle their more complex issues.

As a business, you do not get to decide who calls you
and who uses your digital channels

The reality is a little more complex than that because, as a business, you do not get to decide who calls you and who uses your digital channels. Some businesses have taken the radical step of suppressing their 1-800 number to funnel everyone through the digital channels. However, due to inadequate Customer Experience (CX), they end up frustrating their valued customers.

You will unlock major savings on your call center costs.

With this type of strategy, you still need to solve the challenges of delivering impeccable CX, understanding when a request needs to be escalated to the call center or not and do all this in a way that will not frustrate the customer. If you can achieve all this, you will unlock major savings on your call center costs: You will be keeping the calls that can be digitally resolved within the digital channel while only escalating the ones that require extra attention. The measurement of how successful you are at keeping the “digitizable” interactions on digital channels is referred to as Digital Containment. Trying to increase that value is key but you need to do it with an eye on CX so you keep the customers satisfied and you do not force them to use digital channels, when you are unable to solve their issues there.

Trying to increase value is key, but
you need to do it with an eye on CX

Ideally, your digital care platform will allow you to triage much like an IVR would for your calls. It will do so at a much more granular level and will offer to escalate only the right support cases to the call center while providing all the background about what took place during the digital care journey to the CSRs. To achieve this, you will need a platform that

  • can understand your customer’s intent
  • has access and makes your data actionable
  • is able to embed complex diagnostics to identify in real-time the best resolution path with dynamic decisioning at the core
  • is able to provide impeccable CX backed by granular personalization based on user behavior, history and technical state
  • supports multi-channel delivery to allow for governance and control of all digital care applications
  • provides in-depth analytics to adapt the experience to customer’s feedback but also to unearth new opportunities for digital care

At Sweepr, we are proud to check all these boxes. Additionally, we provide a low-code authoring environment which enables continuous improvement for your customer care team in the most seamless way possible.

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