Customer Insights

Develop true human understanding through your digital connection

To date, companies have excelled at using customer data outwardly to focus on sales centred metrics such targeting, segmentation, or pricing. However, even greater impact can occur if companies focused on using this data to ‘solve’ for customers first. 

Sweepr Customer Insights is made up of three key elements for every stage of your digital strategy.

Firstly, it helps by capturing a historical view of diagnostics and interactions with contextually relevant detail in the Journey Viewer to help Customer Service teams. Secondly, by consolidating analytics across interactions for all journeys with Journey Optimiser, customer UX can be enhanced. Finally, by providing a comprehensive, context-led understanding of user behavioural patterns through the Customer Knowledge Toolkit, CRM systems are significantly enhanced for action.

Journey Viewer

Understanding detailed customer interactions across all platforms to empower your customer service teams to deliver excellent experience.

Customer Knowledge Toolkit

Unlocking comprehensive, context-led understanding of your customer’s behavioural patterns to continuously learn your customers and to drive actions.

Journey Optimiser

Analyse each Customer Journey and optimise to create continuous engagement.