Customer Knowledge Toolkit

We don’t own your data, we empower you to use it

Using the Customer Knowledge Toolkit, you will have the opportunity to get to know your customers in ways that were not possible before. Whether we integrate with your CRM to provide real-time data exchange or you download our Toolkit for analysis, the view of your customer has never been so rich.

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to learn more about them.

In our day-to-day lives, the products and service providers that we engage with look for opportunities to learn more about us, so that they can service us in ways that suit our specific needs whilst getting to know our preferences better.

Some providers have greater opportunities to gather customer insights than others. Our product is guided by the needs of our clients who often tell us that points of engagement are limited to a customer informing them of a change of circumstances or reporting an issue. During such engagements the customer is often not willing to exchange additional information and is rather focused only on dealing with the matter at hand and bringing the interaction to a quick close. What you are left with as a service provider is a minimal opportunity to get to know your customer whilst the likes of their Social Media Platforms or eCommerce providers are continuously learning and building richer customer profiles.

Sweepr’s Customer Knowledge Toolkit changes that. During each interaction with your customer there are multiple opportunities to observe, ask, and learn.

The observed learnings

The Customer Knowledge Toolkit observes the little things in order to build a far bigger picture. How your customer interacts with you can tell us so much, and so we tell you. From the time taken to resolve self-care tasks to the use of navigation buttons, frequency of particular queries, or types of connected products in the home, our behind-the-scenes insights not only help us personalise your customers’ interactions via the Sweepr 7 Principles of Personalisation, but also help you build richer insights into your customers’ needs.

Earn the right to ask and capture the insights

Transform & Solve

Increase Engagement

Customer Insights

Identify & Reduce Churn

Educate & Upsell

Early Churn warning alerts mean no more silent suffering

Alerting you in real-time so you can act before your customer does.

This is a topic we know a lot about. How a customer’s problem is handled has more impact on retention than a customer who experiences no problems at all. A customer who needs assistance is the perfect customer to dazzle and yet so often you don’t get the opportunity as your customer becomes a silent sufferer, susceptible to the advances of your competitors.

By deploying Sweepr Journeys or using Experience Centre to author your own, you will increase engagement with your customers and therefore promote loyalty. You will also have more moments to learn how they are feeling about your product and services.

Customer Knowledge Toolkit observes customer behaviours in each interaction. Working behind the scenes, our algorithm detects when we think they are becoming a churn risk and lets you know right away.

The Sweepr Experience Centre rules engine jumps into action and can trigger the perfect churn prevention messaging pulling from the Customer 360 insights to understand what your BNA is for your customer.

Sweepr is here to help you learn from every interaction, creating a virtuous cycle of insights both pulled and pushed, to and from you to us.

The Seducible Moment

Timing really is everything when it comes to reaching out to your customers. The messages that you send to them can be easily forgotten and ignored if not well timed and well designed. Learnings from the Customer Knowledge Toolkit, combined with the Sweepr Personalisation Assistant in Sweepr Experience Centre, will ensure that you are sending personalised, well designed, targeted messages to your customers at the times that will achieve maximum engagement. The Sweepr RTIM acts on the most seducible moment to trigger your outbound messaging to your customers.