Journey Optimiser

Continuously optimise customer experiences by making data-led decisions

Sweepr’s Journey Optimiser platform empowers you and your team to continuously analyse and improve every customer journey you’ve deployed.

At the point of authoring The Sweepr Personalisation Assistant is on hand to make the most of Sweepr’s 7 Principles of Personalisation, allowing you to not only answer a customer’s query, but also transform your relationship with them. Your interactions will dazzle customers from the moment you deploy them. But we don’t stop there.

From the customer’s very first interaction, the real insights begin. Journey Optimiser will help you analyse and optimise each of the Journeys you’ve authored.

Just as you train your Customer Care Agents to know how best to solve customer needs, you should ‘train’ your digital interactions, too.

Using Journey Optimiser, you will be guided through easy steps to analyse and improve each journey.


  • Learn which subsets of your customers are responding well to various elements of your journeys
  • Identify at which stage of your Interactions and journeys drop out is taking place
  • Measure customer satisfaction of the journey
  • Assess which journeys are achieving channel containment and which require frequent hand-off to an agent
  • React to ‘Trending Queries alerts’ to inform you of potential service outages


  • Tweak journeys using the Sweepr Experience Builder, creating branching for subsets of customers that may need additional support
  • Replicate success methods and deploy in less successful journeys
  • Adopt Sweepr’s 7 Principles to improve UX in the moments that have a maximum impact

Sweepr Personalisation Assistant

The reasons for varying performance of interactions is multidimensional and can be attributed to a variety of factors. Sweepr’s tools help you react to specific parts of the interaction that need work. Journey performance is in aggregate but the insights are specific to every stage of the interaction. Sweepr is passionate about personalisation because we know that creating an adaptive approach to content and design is how you will achieve true digital engagement.

For every journey deployed you will be able to see a Personalisation Score. Sweepr Personalisation Assistant will demonstrate the ways in which you can improve your interactions and journeys using Sweepr’s 7 Principles of Personalisation. This saves you time and guides you to exceeding your customer’s expectation within every interaction.

Digital Enthusiasm


Customer Circumstance


Customer 360

Query Prompting

Query History

Trending Queries and real-time insights

Sweepr is committed to working in partnership with you to get ahead of matters that are impacting your customers. Journey Optimiser alerts will notify you of a surge in customer interaction with the particular Journey and the FAQs within, asked over a short period of time. Trending questions are a lead indicator of outages, service disruptions, and dissatisfaction. But with Sweepr Journey Optimiser, you will be one step ahead.

This solution empowers you to create experiences that add value to your relationships with your customers at every point of interaction. Journey Optimiser is your tool to continuous improvement.