Journey Viewer

Built in collaboration with customer care teams

Sweepr’s Journey Viewer provides critical insights about your customers’ digital interactions with you. Log in to the intuitively designed Journey Viewer via your SSO, download details as CSV files, or integrate directly with your existing Customer Management Platforms using the Sweepr API.

Context is so much more than just what was said

When a patient visits the doctor, the doctor needs access to their medical history to provide effective, targeted care. What the patient said to the doctor during previous visits is only a small part of what is recorded. The doctor will see the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, and other relevant stats recorded for each previous visit. Sweepr believes the same level of detail is required to promote a trusting relationship with your customer and solve their queries to the fullest extent, with the most efficient use of time. Journey Viewer provides the capability to unlock all you need to know about every interaction, from every step taken by the customer, to the broadband health at the time of the enquiry, the billing status, Digital Enthusiasm during the interaction, or the count of similar previous queries.

Journey Viewer

So much more than just an audit trail of content, we unlock the power of context and show you the customer’s complete self-service history. Your customers have an expectation that there will be a record of every interaction they have with you, regardless of the channel they used.

Increase Engagement

Consumer research suggests that lack of trust in digital interactions is driven by customers feeling frustrated by the need to repeat information previously shared, when switching from one care channel to another, by receiving an instruction that has already failed to offer a solution.

Equally, customer service agents can be supported in solving queries more efficiently when given an understanding of the history and context of your customers’ relationships with you. Your customer services team members can leverage up-to-date and relevant information that identifies the customer experience, up until the point that they are on a call with them.

Journey Viewer provides the necessary insights needed by your Care Agents in order to solve customers queries, achieve optimum satisfaction, and provide continuity of care in moments when they need it most.