Experience Builder

Author • Edit • Deploy • Optimise

Sweepr’s Experience Builder was designed with ease of use at the forefront of our minds, empowering you to put dazzling customer moments at the forefront of yours.

The Sweepr Experience Builder can be used to author interactions for specific needs or to orchestrate multi touch point Customer Journeys.

Rapid Deployment for the moment your customers need you most

Sweepr’s Experience Centre is designed to assist you in interacting with your customers in all eventualities. Interactions and Journeys can be built to target known and frequent customer queries but it can also be used to react to trending queries and crucial instances.

Using the Sweepr Customer Knowledge Toolkit we will create a Trending Query alert should it be noticed that your customers are frequently asking questions that might indicate a service outage. Equally you may notice from detection platforms or call centre data that your customers are experiencing a particular issue en mass.

Rapid deployment means rapid. Once you have designed your interaction Sweepr’s Experience Centre can deploy it and have it available to your customers in as little as 8 hours.

The true meaning of Omni-Channel

When curating digital relationships with your customers we understand that one of the key challenges faced is rendering such interactions so they can be deployed on a multitude of channels, without compromising UX.

This allows customers to switch between your digital channels with an expectation of a consistent experience having more or less the same functionality in each. This leaves a challenge of thinking about how your content and designs can be replicated to different platforms that you know all have varying interfaces. Experience Builder’s omni-channel ready format templating includes tenant specific UX and CX capabilities, instantly deployed across all digital channels at the click of a button, or two.


Voice Assistant

Interactions initiated by you

Customers are used to receiving information from hundreds of companies each month. For the most part, these communications will be to sell or promote something to them. Equally so, these attempts at interaction will be ignored. Our research shows that interactions from service providers who provide communications that are perceived to add value to the way in which a customer uses a product or service can be the first step in transforming the customer perception of the digital relationship between them.

Using the Experience Builder you can author highly personalised and relevant communications to your customers and set rules depending on the way the customer responds. By using this individualised approach, engagement with your customer will increase, actively growing brand advocacy and constantly learning more about the customer, in turn having the opportunity to personalise each interaction further.

The Sweepr RTIM can trigger outbound communications to your customers based on a time schedule or occurrence of any of a range of pre-configured events. Through previous interactions with your customer, Sweepr Customer Knowledge Toolkit can develop an understanding of each user’s favourite OTT services and should you pick-up that one of those services is temporarily down, you may choose to proactively let your customer know that’s it’s down and, even more importantly to them, when it comes online again! Proactive, personalised and time-relevant communications in a style we know customers respond to best.

Personalisation is powered by Context

Digitally automated interaction tools come in many shapes and forms. More often than not these tools will rely on a very limited amount of data before directing a customer to a ‘most common’ resolution, rather than a resolution that is specific to the context of their home environment, account status and connected products.

The Sweepr SDK gathers diagnostic data from the user’s connected devices and services in real-time. Our understanding of widely varied network topologies enables high quality, specific customer care.
Diagnostics can be applied in such a way, that an interaction to respond to the customer’s query is specific to the performance of the product or service in question. It can then be used as an event trigger, to initiate a customer outbound notification, in order to help them optimise their product or services, as well notify them of outages that may be of interest to them.

The Sweepr Personalisation Assistant

You may choose to deploy one of Sweepr’s Journeys for an end-to-end customer experience that is ready to deploy, and we are always delighted when our clients choose to do so. However we do know that there may be interactions that you want to author yourself and consistency of your customer experience is crucial. Sweepr will aid you to create your own interactions using the principles that are so important  to us therefore making it  simple for you to do so.

Sweepr’s 7 Principles of Personalisation come to life in interactions either using our sophisticated Rules Engine or our Personalisation Branching.

Our Personalisation strategy will drive your design strategy

We give you the tools to make every interaction authored truly personalised experience.

At various stages of interactions the 7 Principles of Personalisation can be used to create engaging content, while maintaining a sense of humanised conversation. 

The Personalisation Assistant guides you to personalise your interactions in 3 easy steps:

Step Content

When authoring individual steps within the interactions, you can access our ‘Principle Guide’ to see how The Sweepr 7 Principles of Personalisation can be most effectively applied to that type of step.

For example, in steps focused on communicating information to the customer, we might suggest that you use terminology appropriate to their aptitude level or for a step focused on asking a customer to undertake some local action, we might adapt the text to reflect their specific device types.

Branching & Rule Logic

At various stages of each interaction the 7 Principles of Personalisation can be applied to create branching. Using the Sweepr Personalisation Assistant you can choose a Personalisation branch, each Principle has a variety of options to help you choose the branching that best suits that stage in the interaction.

Personalisation Counter

As you are authoring an interaction the Personalisation Assistant will let you know to what extent each Principle of Personalisation has been used. Sweepr algorithms will intelligently calculate the level of personalisation vs the steps in your interaction and show where you may wish to make improvements.