Real-Time Interaction Manager

Personalisation is powered by technology

Sweepr’s Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) Engine is central to our product offering. It is the home of the most sophisticated elements of our technology. Up until now you will have had a choice between an RTIM provider that can offer a broad range of customer experiences without specialism in a particular vertical, or a provider with expertise in specific stages in your customer’s life cycle without the necessary capabilities needed to scale across multiple use cases.

Sweepr’s Experience Centre delivers the optimum combination to transform your relationships with your customers, digitally.

Our heritage has afforded us the expertise to be market leaders in personalising every interaction to solve customer care needs. Our team is made up of qualified people with extensive experience of the challenges faced both by Service Providers and their customers. Contextually adaptive digital support is where it all started for Sweepr. Our technology has allowed us to take what we have learnt at the moment of ‘solve’ and apply that expertise to multiple points in the customer life cycle across the full range of needs.

Edge & Cloud based workflows

Sweepr’s RTIM has been developed to consider the variety of digital channels available to your customers. Edge based workflows ensure minimal latency for such channels as Voice or App. Using Edge based workflows in combination with Cloud, we are able to gather a richer insight to create truly contextualised resolutions.

Rules-based & Machine Learning

Sweepr’s RTIM combines a rules-based approach in cooperation with machine learned predictive models to drive continuous learnings and improvements in each of our Journeys. The combination means that Customer Insights, Personalisation Principles and real-time data has a hand in factoring every resolution for your customers.

Data Capture

Our RTIM captures critical data, device context, and service status in order to inform the correct branching and rules that form your customers’ interaction. It is within the RTIM that functionality such as Query Prompting and Customer 360 insights can be drawn upon and applied to your customer journeys.

Data Storage

The Sweepr RTIM is your GDPR, CCPA compliant data storage layer that provides the Sweepr Interactions editor with the context and data required to create the contextualised, personalised customer Journeys that will transform your digital channels.