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29% of call volumes YoY

Our clients have told us that customers Billing related queries make up over 29% of call volumes year on year. Moreover, generic conversational user interface interventions very rarely achieve full channel containment when solving queries. Our research shows that a customer who needs assistance understanding or paying their bill can be highly frustrated and, in some cases, distressed. The cost to you and your customers is high, billing related queries can often result in churn, late or no payment.

Help me Understand my Bill entirely flips this narrative and is the gateway to transform your relationship with your customers, digitally.

When you deploy ‘Help me Understand my Bill’ your customers will engage in a customer lifetime journey with you. Highly personalised throughout, the Journey will consist of multiple Use Cases specifically designed to assist with the full range of queries that can relate to your customers’ bill, as well as event or time-initiated proactive messages to your customers.

Brand advocacy

For some Customers their bill is the only time in a month that they are mindful of you as their provider. The Sweepr Help me with my Bill Journey changes that. The entry point into winning customer advocacy and transforming your relationship with them is the time that they need you to ‘solve’ billing related queries and issues. Using Sweepr’s highly personalised Journeys you can springboard from their need to ‘solve’ and create a two-way automated dialogue.

The end result is your continued presence in your customer’s home, transforming you from a utility they pay each month to an in-home assistant for all their product related needs. And so, the virtuous cycle begins.

Continued engagement

Our team has extensive experience in the billing process, pain points and customer queries. We understand why customers have queries about their bill and what aids them to rapidly solve their queries with reassurance that leaves room to focus on the enjoyment of the product and services they are paying for. This experience alongside continuous research to understand what contributes to a successful relationship between providers and their customers has informed the creation of multiple touch points throughout the Help me understand my Bill Journey. However, Sweepr has delved deeper still and we have looked at three key factors that influence a customer’s engagement with you.

We apply the 7 Principles of Personalisation to each point of interaction with your customer and so their query is not only answered within your digital channel, but their perception of the relationship is greatly improved.

Highly Personalised and Research-led

We have researched how the bill impacts your customers sentiment, usage of your product and service, propensity to churn, and the purchase of new products or services from your offering. Our Customer Insights model sits behind every journey allowing you to personalise each interaction and create continuous learnings for you.

Alongside the 7 Principles of Personalisation we are also able to select the right moments to proactively engage with your customers.  This may be to let them know that a bill has been issued, remind them of a discount, saving or the promotion of a new product that may match their needs. Each customer’s journey will be slightly different but, for you, the impact is powerfully consistent.

Simple integration and easy deployment

We have designed Sweepr Journeys for rapid deployment with light weight integration in mind. Regardless of the Journey selected the Sweepr Experience Centre can be used to layer over your brand guidelines, tweak terminology that is specific to your business, and insert interactions to accompany those we have designed to create consistent and dazzling customer experience.

Integration points will vary from Journey to Journey but typically would include an integration to your CRM, ACS, Customer Management Program or Billing Presentment Layer. By delivering constantly relevant messaging to the customer and actively solving, the result is positive interactions between a customer and their service provider, ensuring a Virtuous cycle of value creation for all.

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