Sweepr 2.0

Written by: Jim

Published: September 27, 2022

Here at Sweepr, we’ve been busy building Product features to extend and improve
our core capabilities. After a long period of iterative builds, a few releases ago we
decided to GA our Product for 2.0. It’s taken a while, but we’re proud of what we’ve
built. Our goals as we set off on this next generation of the platform were clear:-

  • We wanted to create a leading set of capabilities in Personalisation to ensure a truly differentiated customer experience, to give the customer a sense of being known, understood, and having history with dynamic learned solutions. All the things we look for in great digitised customer care.

  • We need to support this with a set of low code, and mostly no code, tooling to allow for ongoing change and rapid response to ever changing circumstances. The goal being that, once diagnostic data sets were available to the platform, new and changed scenarios could be created and deployed in hours.    

  • We sought to deliver digital care across all channels and languages. Digital transformation is a complex multi-headed Babylonian beast, so the platform that delivers it needs to support a broad range of channels and must deliver to those channels in the Customers chosen language.

  • Support for the Enterprise Product owner/Manager with insights, analytics and clear KPI tracking. Given the scale and complexity of the move to digital channels, the need for analytics at every level is clear. The Product Manager needs to see what Interactions work, which don’t, and why – with clear insights that are immediately actionable.

  • Finally we’ve addressed the need to ensure that the existing customer care agents were fully integrated into this flow allowing for smart escalation steps, thus ensuring the agent view matches the customer view. This enables the agent, armed with the data and intelligence Sweepr brings, to deliver an improved customer care experience in shortened timeframes.

Sweepr 2.0 does all this and more.

Experience Builder

Experience builder is our fully functional, intuitive low code tool that supports a broad range of UX Primitives, workflow steps, integration options and decisioning logic. It renders to multiple channels (mobile, bot, .com, voice) and supports ease of localisation. With Experience builder you can create and fine tune Intents and associated Interactions in hours.

Realtime Interaction Manager (RTIM)

The core Sweepr engine Realtime Interaction manager (RTIM) is a JS engine that can orchestrate those Interactions on the client-side, server-side, or both. This ensures consistency of experience and flow regardless of channel. This engine supports both reactive and proactive interaction modes to guarantee the full Journey capability that is essential to in-life customer care.

Personalisation Data Model

That RTIM has at its core a Personalisation Data Model that encompasses the entire Journey and Interaction Context, customer Intent and customer Analytics. This model supports behavioural, historical and environmental data points that allow for granular complex decisioning to enable the creation of a compelling, truly personal digital experience.   

Client-side SDK

Client-side SDKs support the channel deployments with rapidly integrated, lightweight SDKs the Enterprise can onboard to Sweepr’s capabilities with a few days integration effort, delivering their end customers digital care experiences that range from simple questions to complex troubleshooting and automated fixes. 

Journey Optimiser

All this is captured by our real-time analytics module, Journey Optimiser. Journey Optimiser shows customer behaviour trends, what customers are asking, and how successful Sweepr is at delivering digital care. These clear insights and data signals signpost opportunities for new use cases and broad, continuous improvement cycles.

Journey Viewer

The Journey Viewer gives the agent a full real-time view of the customer, their Interactions, outcomes, and the context at that point in time. This gives the agent clear insights and context to assist the customer quickly and effectively.

And that’s it for now – onwards with our next set of features which will follow similar themes while broadening our capabilities as our vision for digital customer care, and the market itself, matures.

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