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5 Business Outcomes That Matter Most

Despite advances in technology, research shows that opportunities to build on customers’ trust are limited when it comes to digitalised interactions. Many have a bias towards speaking to a call centre agent or in-person representatives and engineers when they have a query.

Sweepr employs its unique 7 Principles of Personalisation to transform your customer’s interactions in the pursuit of 5 key outcomes, ensuring a successful virtuous cycle for both you and them.

Transform & Solve

To contextualise is to truly personalise. Sweepr can simultaneously gather data from a variety of systems in real-time. Whether from your Customer Management Tools, Billing Platform, Diagnostic Platforms, or hardware, we combine this information with our 7 Principles of Personalisation to solve your customers query – all the while transforming the relationship you have with your customer, digitally.

Increase Engagement

Your customers engage with providers who communicate with them in such a way that adds value. Sweepr’s 7 Principles of Personalisation creates the sense of a humanised interaction that are relevant to your customer. In doing so, we transform you from an invisible service provider to an in-home companion. Where previously your customer may have become a silent sufferer, using Sweepr to create your customer experiences will break down the digital care barrier. Sweepr Journeys are cleverly designed to both respond to your customers’ needs in a highly personalised way, and to create well timed outbound messages to your customer that entice them into further conversation with you.

Customer Insights

Every interaction is an opportunity to learn. Sweepr makes sure that your Customer Agents have access to critical information about your customers digital interactions. We ensure that you can make the most of your customer relationships. We observe customers’ behaviours, preferences, and FAQs and feed these insights to you in real-time in order to build a better picture of your customer. We then help you analyse the performance of each interaction to optimise and improve the experience. Why just solve a query when you can learn from it? 

Identify & Reduce Churn

Sweepr’s Early Churn Warning Alert has been created to help you notice when there is room to improve your customers’ relationship with you. We learn from customer sentiment, repeat queries, or service outages, as well as requests from the customer to escalate their concerns and provide an alert when our research-led algorithm predicts that your customer may become a churn risk.

Educate & Upsell

Sweepr truly transforms your relationship with your customer, digitally. By delivering bespoke customer experiences and increasing customer engagement, we empower you to learn more about them. Using these insights and Sweepr’s integration with your CRM system, you can select the products and services that best suit your customer’s needs.
Well timed, customer seducible moments throughout your interactions can be used to educate your customer on further products and services that they could enjoy.

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