Our Philosophy

The Pareto Approach

Sweepr tackles 80% of your customers’ care needs, within 5 key Journeys. Designed and ready for you to deploy. Sweepr Journeys have been specifically developed to address challenges that account for the majority of all customer queries. Our unique offering allows for applicable personalised communication to customers, which solve. Solving issues provides positive engagement, allowing for surprisingly happy interactions. This in-turn allows for the potential of a long term relationship to be formed with customers – building advocacy and optimistic cross sell opportunities.

Commonly 80% of business sales come from roughly 20% of customers, 80% of the work in a project is completed by 20% of people – this well documented phenomenon that repeatedly occurs in business and in nature. The spectacle is everywhere, and Sweepr research shows that it is no different with customer interactions. By perfecting the experience of five key customer journeys, which ingrain Sweepr’s 7 Principles of Personalisation, service providers can effectively resolve approximately 80% of all customer queries, digitally.

It all starts with Solve.

Transform & Solve

Increase Engagement

Customer Insights

Identify & Reduce Churn

Educate & Upsell

Sweepr’s Journeys are creatively designed to engage with customers about what matters most throughout their time with you. Our Journeys are orchestrated in such a way that your customer feels as though they have an expert on hand, whatever their needs may be, speaking to them in a way that’s personalised to their needs. This allows for constant positive shifts in the relationship with the customer, ensuring a Virtuous cycle of value creation for all.

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 A Change To My Circumstance

Help Me Understand My Package
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