The Sweepr Philosophy

Today up to 80% of all calls to care are resolved on the first call.
This implies that some relatively simple intervention – technical, educational or commercial – addressed the issue at hand. All of these interactions are digitisable without compromising the customer experience. This is why we created Sweepr.


of customers
want to self-serve


of customers want
help within 5 minutes


digital containment
with Sweepr

As both end customers and service providers see the benefit, the digitisation of care is inevitable. To shift high volumes of interactions from agents to digital channels, organisations require a sophisticated platform that enables the service provider to treat every issue and every customer individually.
This is exactly what Sweepr was built to do.

Sweepr’s 7 Principles of Personalisation

Personalisation sits at the heart of Sweepr’s core purpose and products. We believe that your relationships with your customers can evolve in the digital space by simulating the feeling of a conversational human touch. Sweepr stands apart by being the only organisation able to holistically empower you to use these tools across your entire operation – embedding our 7 Principles of Personalisation at every stage of your digital engagement with your customers.

Psychological & Behavioural

Digital Enthusiasm

Adapting your customers experience based on their digital patience.


Creating customer experiences tailored to your customers self care and digital confidence.

Context & Environment

Customer Circumstance

Digital care most appropriate to the way your customer uses your products and services.


Contextualised real-time diagnostics enable adaptive care relevant to your customer’s connected environment.

History & Relationship

Query Prompting

Suggestions personalised to best suit your customer’s interest and previously asked questions.

Customer 360

Personalised customer experiences driven by insights stored in your customer intelligence tools.

Query History

A digital memory of your customer’s previous care needs to adapt their experience appropriately.

Why Choose Sweepr

  • Low Code Platform
  • Write Once – Publish to all Digital Channels
  • Build highly personalised interactions quickly
  • Comprehensive analytics for continuous improvement
  • Easy integration with all existing enterprise systems